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Multiple SXA Search Results on the same page

Multiple Search Results on the same page

After trying to build a page with one Search Box and two Search Results components I was stuck at a certain point because the Search Results components must have different “search signatures” otherwise they will both return the same result, so how can I refer them to the Search Box if they have different signatures?

Couldn’t find anything that helped me on google so I started digging into the code expecting to find some javascript or dll where I could do some custom code and that’s when I found the Search Box is capable to have multiple Search Results attached out-of-the-box!

Exactly, you just have to separate your search signatures with a comma, and when searching for something each Search Results component will receive the input and behave independently.

It’s just a small tip but can be very helpful when it comes to building more complex pages with this kind of component.

Jorge Pimenta

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